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AUGUST 6 - 27, 2016
Even Elvis dealers have to take a break sometime! My wife and I will be going away on a three week vacation from August 6 - 27th but don't worry as I will be keeping in touch many times daily with customers.

UPDATE! PART 3 of my interview up now on The ELVIS INFORMATION NETWORK website from Australia now has PARTS 1 & 2 of a very long interview that Piers did with me recently. I think you'll find these very interesting as they contain information i've never shared before and I'm sure a lot of people will be very surprised with my last 42 year history collecting, selling, and making Elvis records and learning about UNRELEASED material that was offered to me and which I actually heard!! (NOTE: LEFT PHOTO 1975 my "Elvis Room" Baltimore, Md ; RIGHT PHOTO June 6, 2015 at my wedding on the beach Siesta Key, Fl) So if anyone wants to read them please go to the INTERVIEWS page.

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